--------------------------------------PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING------------------------------------- Our business is closed. The shopping cart button is disabled. Our web site will remain up for the purpose of selling off our accessory items, molds and some bisque left on our shelves. All tech sheets are sold. Generally, Fantasy, Horse and Dog molds are not for sale. However, if you scroll down to below the picture, unless it says mold sold or not for sale, then it is available for purchase. Price of the mold(s) depends on the quality of the mold and shipping cost depends on the quantity of molds purchased and destination. Molds are shipped using plastic wrap and/or straps to keep them together. Please click on the email me button below and tell me what tech sheets, accessories, bisque and/or mold(s) you are interested in. In some cases I have marked NO BISQUE below the picture. Buy 3 or more bisque pieces and get 20% off listed price. There are no Nativity sets in bisque except for some children sets. All chess sets are sold. All chess molds are sold. Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. As payment, we accept paypal only. We thank everyone for their past and future business.
Example Bisque Piece Example Bisque Piece Example Bisque Piece Example Bisque Piece Example Bisque Piece
Please email us if you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you!