Our business is closed. Our web site will remain up because we still have tech sheets and accessories available and a limited amount of bisque on our shelves. We are also selling most of our molds. Fantasy, Horse and Dog molds are not for sale at this time. You may inquire about the remainder of the molds. Price of the mold(s) depends on the quality of the mold and shipping cost depends on the quantity of molds purchased and destination. Molds are shipped using plastic wrap and/or straps to keep them together. Rubber bands are free but all size straps are $1 each. Some molds come with a strap and will be free. Delivery of the molds may take up to 3 weeks. The shopping cart button does not work so please click on the email me button below and tell me what tech sheets, accessories, bisque and/or mold(s) you are interested in. In some cases I have marked NO BISQUE and/or MOLD SOLD below the picture. The tech sheets and accessories we display will be in stock. You will either get an original tech sheet or, in the case where I only have one tech sheet, you will get a color copy. There are no Nativity sets in bisque except for some children sets. All chess sets in bisque are sold except for some random pieces. All chess molds are sold. We do not plan to reopen. Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We thank everyone for their past and future business.----------------------------------03/18/2014------------------------------------It has been 3 months since my rotator cuff surgery. Doctor said I still can't lift anything with my left arm. Also, had knee surgery on 03/05/14. What I am going to try to do is work with and ship out some of the molds that I have been asked about but it will be a slow go with every request. I would like to thank everyone for your patience.
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Fantasy Chess Set

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Mold Number: 0822
Mold Company: Doc Holliday #


Ornate Chess Boards
Stone Castle Chess Sides and Black Wooden Board

Piece # 0084a
Stone Castle Chess Sides and Gold Wooden Board

Piece # 0084b
Castle Chess Board Sides with Black Board

Piece # 0823a
Castle Chess Board Sides with Gold Board

Piece # 0823b

Individual Pieces
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Evil King )

7.50 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Eking
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Evil Queen )

6.75 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Equeen
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Evil Bishop )

6.50 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Ebishop
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Evil Knight )

6.50 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Eknight
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Evil Rook )

6.75 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Erook
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Evil Pawn )

4.50 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Epawn
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Good King )

6.75 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Gking
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Good Queen )

6.75 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Gqueen
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Good Rook )

6.25 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Grook
Fantasy Chess Piece ( Good Pawn )

4.75 Inches Tall

Piece # 0822Gpawn
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