--------------------------------------PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING------------------------------------- Our business is closed. The shopping cart button is disabled. Our web site will remain up for the purpose of selling off some remaining chalk sets, molds and bisque left on our shelves. All chess sets and molds are sold with the exception of our classic chess set mold. All Nativity sets and molds are sold. All tech sheets are sold. Generally, Fantasy, Horse and Dog molds are not for sale. However, if you scroll down below the picture, unless it says mold sold or not for sale, then it is available for purchase. Molds are shipped using plastic wrap and/or straps to keep them together. Please click on the email me button below and tell me what accessories, bisque and/or mold(s) you are interested in. In some cases I have marked NO BISQUE below the picture. Buy 3 or more bisque pieces and get 20% off listed price. Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. As payment, we accept paypal only. We thank everyone for their past and future business.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ATTENTION----------------------------------------------ALL SINGLE MOLDS ON OUR MOLD LIST ARE $4 OR LESS AND ALL BISQUE ARE $2 OR LESS PLUS SHIPPING COST WHICH DEPENDS ON YOUR CITY AND ZIP CODE..--------------- OUR LOCATION IS NORTH OF NASHVILLE, TN NEAR THE KY BORDER CLOSE TO I-65.
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Welcome to

Emeraldz Ceramics Shop

Welcome !

If you are looking for a Ceramic Bisque Supplier that can give you
the best selection of pieces look no further!

Here at Emeraldz Ceramic Shop, you will have the convenience of buying professionally cleaned bisque that fits the lifestyle of today's Hobbyist, Crafter or Home Decor Remodeler.

Our inventory represents the most popular selling pieces from years past as well as the present, from Housewares to Keepsakes for every occasion.

We are confident that you will find this site a very convenient way to choose from hundreds of pieces that are ready to paint in your own special way. We strive to meet your actual as well as your anticipated needs.

Our goal is to give you the BEST possible service.

About The Shop...

We are located in the great state of Tennessee, just North of Nashville! Our little shop is run out of our home and we sell only over the Internet. We do not sell the molds, only the fired product from them after pouring that is called "Bisque".



"Bisque" are pieces that are Unfinished and can be painted by you in your own special way! It's Easy and Fun to paint them yourself! Great for Kids and School Projects!

"Finished" are Glazed or Stained by me, according to Your wishes.

Due to limited space, Most Pieces are " Made to Order " and require time to be poured, dried, cleaned, fired and then painted if requested.


Please Note:
We ONLY sell and ship within the Continental United States.
Please do not ask me to ship elsewhere.


One Last Thing...

Please read our Ordering Information   page to find out the fine details of it all !
Happy Browsing!

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